Saturday, August 30, 2008

An Open Letter to My Shitty Neighbors

I've always wondered what led people to poison their neighbors' dogs. Unfortunately, now I know. These stupid ass dogs will not shut up. First there was a dog whining like a little bitch, and you could hear it throughout the whole effin neighborhood; now it's a grown ass barky dog. Joy of joys. It's like we moved to a fucking redneckville trailer park. Is my house sitting on cinder blocks? Do I have random vehicle remnants scattered around my yard? NO! Seriously, people. Hearing your dogs barking all night long sucks ass. MAKE THEM SHUT THE FUCK UP, or move out in the country somewhere. Sheesh. No wonder I'm a cat person.

Your Neighbor Who Wishes Your Dogs Would STFU

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Anonymous said...

your pathetic!!!!!!!!!