Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I've been enjoying watching the Olympics this time around, especially gymnastics and synchronized diving for some reason. Anyway, tonight I got to thinking: How awesome would an all-round (and I mean ALL-AROUND) competition be? It would kick so much ass if there were a handful of olympians who competed against each other in every single damn event (not counting team sports) for a medal. Seriously, these people would be running marathons, diving, doing the pommel horse, pole vaulting, swimming, sprinting, steeplechasing, archery, and whatever other events there are. I'm sure all the participants would be horrible at everything, but I would watch it purely for the laughs. Hilarity would be sure to ensue. It would be the best once-every-four-year sports clusterfuck known to man, guaranteed to be a ratings goldmine.

Speaking of the steeplechase race, did anyone see that? I was watching people do things that are usually done by animals, or I guess in this case it would be animals with people on them (whatever). These people run around the track jumping over horse obstacles, one of which was a water hole. It felt like something was missing, though. Horses have to run this crap with people on their backs; shouldn't these steeplechasers have to run around with some kind of creature strapped to them? I think it would make the race more comparable to its originating horse race, and it would be a shitload more fun to watch.
Pardon the writing, it's hard to write in paint on a laptop. You get the idea, though.


Sam said...

That paint photo just made my day. Thanks.

Soleil said...

Anytime, Sam-o.