Thursday, April 26, 2007

the truth about taco trucks

I was watching The Office on nbc, and a commercial came on for the nightly news. The highlight for tonight's news is the truth behind taco trucks and how they're trying to bend the health codes. What do you expect from a taco truck? If you're not wanting to get sick, then you know not to go to a taco truck. Those tacos may as well be made by someone's butt. Come on now...I don't need the news to tell me that.

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cfarivar said...

I find this comment to be ignorant and borderline racist.

Have you ever eaten at a taco truck? I've eaten literally hundreds of tacos from taco trucks around California and have never once gotten sick.

You might be surprised to find that this taco truck in San Francisco received a health score of 98/100. Few brick-and-mortar restaurants can claim that.