Friday, August 04, 2006

Guess Where I Am!

So, I've got about 3 hours of work left for the day, but time is going by really slowly because my eyes are burning and there's nothing to do here. I'm alone in the office, so that's kinda neat I guess. I called the doctor's office yesterday to see about my test results, which were normal! Yay! I was so afraid I was going to need chunks to be taken off me and analyzed. Don't want to deal with that. Hopefully when I go back in six months everything will still be normal.

Brad started training/orientation for his new job today. I'm glad he's finally back to work and doing something other than sitting around the house being bitter and bored. We're both going to be really busy soon, so I guess we'll see how well we get along then. I actually think we'll get along better because he won't be sitting at home all day looking at my clutter that I'm too lazy to clean up. I still haven't finished unpacking! Maybe I'll get some of it done this weekend. I haven't even folded/put away the laundry that I did more than 2 weeks ago. How sad for me.

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Marjorie Wise said...

Procrastination is not an asset but sometimes we're just stuck with it. Put the laundry in a basket, hide it in a closet, and pull stuff out as you need it.

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