Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another Semester...

So. It's the beginning of another semester. So far, I like most of my classes. This is maybe the second semester that I've had a class that had homework and in-class activities that you actually turn in. What is this? High school? Oh well. I actually like homework in a sick kind of way. It forces me to do something other than be too lazy to read my textbooks. Bleh. I'm ready to kick some grade ass this semester! Woo! I want to finish my undergrad career with a bang...and at least a 3.5. We'll see how that goes, huh? If I don't get an A in Kinesiology I'll cry...Not because I'm one of those people who are anal about their grades, but because I'll be extremely disappointed in myself and my abilities to not be a total moron. Brad and I have been going to bed really early the past couple of days. It's cute, but kind of sad that we count down the hours until we can finally turn in for the night. Haha...Old people. So far, I actually like having to be here on campus before 8 every morning. Somehow it makes me feel really awake in the middle of the day, unlike when I used to drag myself out of bed to go to an 11 o'clock class or something and then go home and nap some more. I won't allow myself to nap anymore because I know that I can't limit myself to just 45 minutes or so. If I'm taking a nap, I'm taking a 3 hour nap. That's what we had to do when the power randomly went out last week. Brad and I decided that it would be a good time to sleep, since there was nothing else we could do in a dark house anyway, so we did. That was a good nap. I drooled all over the couch. Anyway, I'm going to class in about ten minutes and I'm hungry, so I'm gonna stop here and have a snack so my stomach doesn't embarass me in Abnormal Psych.

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